19 Aug, 2022

Today’s seniors are far from sedentary. Many senior citizens turning 65 consider world travel a big part of their bucket list. That’s why it’s incumbent upon those with lots of wanderlust left in them to choose the right supplement plan. In fact, it’s more than incumbent … it’s imperative!

According to medicare.gov Medigap Plans C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, M or N all cover foreign travel emergency care during the first 60 days of a trip. Most cover 80% of billed charges for emergency care once a $250 deductible is satisfied and all appear to have a $50,000 cap.

Naturally, some plans cover lots more and others lots less, all of which makes knowing what’s covered and not covered so very crucial for senior citizens turning 65 and facing choices. Certainly, no two plans are equal. But then, neither are the financial means of the retirees who need choose them.

This is where AmeriList’sTurning 65 MailingList is invaluable for anyone selling medigap policies in today’s highly competitive marketplace. With a U.S. Seniors Turning 65 Mailing List such as the one offered by AmeriList, you do not only reach citizens turning 65 who desire to see the word, but you tap into demographic and psychographic data that differentiates them within the broader market.

Almost 3 million boomers will turn 65 in 2017 alone – that’s about 10,000 new Medicare eligible prospects a day! While AmeriList’s Turning 65 Mailing List may not be the only Turning 65 Mailing List out there, it certainly is one of the most comprehensive. It contains data from a variety of sources: U.S. Census, voter registration rolls, product and warranty information, real estate records, credit card transactions, mail order purchases, even magazine subscriptions. The data is cross-checked for address changes monthly and it is CASS certified for further accuracy.

Because it is one of the most exhaustive U.S. Seniors Turning 65 Mailing Lists in the country, the AmeriList Turning 65 Mailing List can micro-target different kinds of senior travelers, separating them socio-economically as well as geographically.

The desire to go places in retirement runs strong regardless of economic status. Hundreds of thousands are waiting to see the world. Their desire could drive their Medicare Supplement decisions.

What keeps retirees up at night keeps medigap agents up all day long?

Senior citizens turning 65 and heading into retirement worry about three things: money, health and losing their independence. They worry they won’t have enough money in retirement whether they have enough or not. They worry poor health will rob them of their vitality. They worry about being taken advantage of in their old age.