25 Aug, 2017

Senior citizens turning 65 with pre-existing conditions must jump into the Medigap selection processes sooner than later. Agents can help them avoid loss of coverage by educating them early. That’s why its imperative agents meet senior citizens turning 65 before their first Open Enrollment period… and why having an up-to-date Insurance Marketing List Turning 65 is critical.

During their first Medicare open enrollment period, seniors have a Federally-mandated right to be issued supplemental insurance. Seniors with pre-existing conditions should also know that federal law allows supplement insurers to subject them to a “pre-existing waiting period” -- usually six months. They’ll get 80% coverage from Medicare right away but 20% supplemental coverage will be delayed.

If they miss the initial open enrollment, seniors may be subject to medical underwriting, which could prevent coverage for a condition. For example, if a senior has late stage renal or liver disease, they may find themselves paying thousands out of pocket for treatment.

To avoid or shorten the six month waiting period seniors with pre-existing conditions should have “creditable” insurance in place when they sign up. If they’ve had continuous insurance for two months for a condition prior to sign-up, the waiting period is reduced by two months. Continuous “creditable” insurance must be in place without lapse for at least 63 days.

If a senior has no coverage for a preexisting condition before signing up for supplemental insurance, an agent can still steer them to Medigap policies that waive the waiting period. There is also a Medicare Special Needs Plan which acts as an Advantage plan for people with re-existing conditions.

Naturally, if you’re an agent you know all this. Reminding you of it only heightens the need for the best possible Turn 65 Direct Mailing List. At Amerilist we compile and maintain one of the most comprehensive Turning 65 Mailing Lists in the country. We can break down seniors by demographics, psychographics, gender, financial status and by actual birthdays and zip codes so you can start contacting seniors turning 65 in advance of their first open enrollment.

Our data is cross-checked for address changes monthly and it is CASS certified for further accuracy. You can rely on an Amerilist Turning 65 Mailing List to get your foot in the door early and help those who need Medigap coverage the most – seniors turning 65 with pre-existing conditions.