14 March, 2022

There are 10,000 senior citizens turning 65 in America every day. Unfortunately, most are ill- prepared financially for retirement. Statistics show 1/3 of Americans have nothing saved towards retirement; slightly more than 1/4 of us have less than $50,000 set aside; another 1/4 of us have $100,000 or more saved. In the Medigap insurance sweet spot, only about 13% of boomers have over $300,000 saved.

Adding to the situation is the rise in longevity. Life expectancy in the U.S. has risen substantially in the past 60 years from 69 years in the early 1960’s to nearly 80 years today. This seemingly wonderful news, however, presents real problems for female senior citizens turning 65. Here’s why:

  • Women make about $.79 on the dollar compared to men
  • Consequentially women save less for retirement than men
  • Medical costs for senior women are higher than for men
  • Women live longer than men

Given the situation, the need for Medigap coverage for senior women is crucial, especially for those who are single and haven’t the benefit of spousal savings or a pension. If you’re selling lower-cost Advantage plans, reaching a female audience is very important, especially since women make visits to medical professionals throughout their lives more than men.

No doubt a U.S. Seniors Turning 65 List or Turn 65 Direct Marketing List can help. At Amerilist we compile and maintain one of the most comprehensive of these lists in the country, Turning 65 Mailing List. We can break down seniors by demographics, psychographics, and yes, gender and financial status.

The AmeriList Turning 65 Mailing List draws from many sources: U.S. Census, voter registration rolls, product and warranty information, real estate records, credit card transactions, mail order purchases, even magazine subscriptions. The data is cross-checked for address changes monthly and it is CASS certified for further accuracy. Insurance companies, financial planners, health care providers, drug companies, estate professionals and more rely on Amerilist Turning 65 Mailing List to stay on top of trends and to look for opportunities in the marketplace.

Whether buying or selling Medigap insurance, the more you know the better. Our Turning 65 Mailing list can give you the complete picture you seek.