13 Feb, 2018

While most baby boomers are characterized as slow on the uptake, you would be surprised to learn that not only are they quite quick when it comes to making key decisions regarding their future, they happen to be perceptive as well, especially when it comes to big money and retirement plans. So if you are planning on just using vendor sourced ‘turning 65 leads’ to market to this demographic, then you may need to rethink and review some of the main points listed below.

Be realistic in your approach: Of course, you can utilize turning 65 insurance leads as something to base your marketing campaign on, but you need to be more realistic in your approach and use demographic-driven ads. For example, marketing ‘after retirement’ plans to college seniors is not going to do much for your company. You need to streamline your marketing campaign so that it targets the key audience better and utilizes pertinent information in your ad as well as featuring models in the right age grouping.

Do not insult your key audience: Simple messaging goes a long way in marketing your products, and the same goes for stereotypes. You need to avoid sending out insulting messages to the seniors out there so ads portraying seniors as helpless, ignorant country bumpkins who do not know how to use a mobile phone is not going to work in favor for your marketing campaign. While it is true that many seniors do need specific care, there are ways to advertise to them without insulting them in the process.

Assumptions: It would be a good idea to avoid making ignorant assumptions where baby boomers are concerned. Not everyone is eager to have all the funeral products pushed at them, just because they hit the magic mark of 65 years old. While seniors may have their own aspirations and desires, it still does not bode you or your campaign well, to paint all of them as being obsessed with death. When marketing to this demographic or any other for that matter, you may want to avoid making assumptions about baby boomers.

Perceptions matter: Remember, you are trying to market to this segment, which is why you need to pay close attention to how your word your marketing campaign. No one is going to appreciate an ad that sounds condescending or one that claims that you are meant to dress or live in a certain way. Make sure that your marketing campaign does not include stereotypes, instead opt for a positive message, one that seeks to engage directly with this segment.

These are some of the things that you need to avoid when marketing to this key consumer segment; baby boomers are indeed a powerful consumer group and as such, you need to be able to tweak your campaign so that it addresses their needs and requirements more effectively.